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The Role of Right and Left Brain for Reading

The right side of our brain recognizes a word’s overall shape, not each letter. Whereas, the left side of the brain does not fully develop for a two dimensional tasks like reading until around ages 7 to 8, often later in boys. When children read and write before age seven, they are using only the right side of their brain to guess at unfamiliar words. Based on first and last letters, rather then sounding them out, which is a left-brain activity. Reversal of numbers and letters, poor spelling and handwriting, difficulty matching of sounds to letters are common tendencies developed in young learners who are approaching to read with their right brains. Consequently, since their right side is so overwhelmed by the task of reading by sight,(which is a left brains job, anyth anything langulanguage related) it is not free to imagine, create pictures in their minds in connection with the words they are reading. Compression also suffers as a result. Therefore, once both sides of the brain fully develop, the pathways between both hemispheres begins to connect seamlessly strengthening to unify both sides of the brain. Here are some examples of simple house chores that parents can incorporate in their daily lives to help support bilateral integration. • Activities that require both hands to help erase the “Vertical Mid-line“ barrier

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