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Natural Companions of Higher and Lower Senses

Abundance of time in hand in the isolation has compelled me to be a bit productive in some way. Besides being a full-time chef to my family of three (which also gives me a creative satisfaction) my husband, son and our Labrador. 🐕 I hope our world gets through this pandemic safely, and emerge with a greater sense of community. So, this time I thought of sharing some derivatives from a Waldorf’s school of thought, which has always been my source of inspiration. It's about our senses. Since we are aware that we possess traditional five senses, but the Waldorf education works with the picture that humans have 12 senses! instead. Puzzled?...

It was first described by Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education movement 90 years ago. The idea is not meant to be analyzed in a scientific way but to form an understanding for healthy growth and development of children.

The traditional five senses such as, sight, hearing, taste, touch and kinesthetic sense- which appears with the birth of a child, are perceived as our ’lower senses’.

Thereafter, we have our companion ’higher sense’ that develops later on as a ’transformation’ of the lower senses. For example: • Hearing and Balance • Movement and Language • Touch and Ego • Thought/Thinking and Life Besides the traditional one's, the higher senses of the balance, proprioception (spatial) Ego and life works in silence, beyond our conscious awareness. Speech, language, hearing, speaking, reading etc, is a metamorphosis of Movement.

Supporting games are, crawling, tumbling, blindfold games, jump rope.

The sense of Balance helps to develop listening skills. Games to support are, any activity that rotates the fluid inside the ear, such as Swinging, rolling down the hill, trampoline etc.

Development of Touch/ Tactile sense and Ego. Over or under sensitivity to the touch, helps with the development of the higher companion sense of Ego. Which can manifest in in a way a person connects to another human being. Ability to pay attention, and be able to recognition another persons ego or presence.

Lack of an underdeveloped sense of touch substantiates as in someone who may appear to be less sensitive or lacking empathy or altruism. On the other spectrum, someone being discreet and empathetic. Games/activities to support are Wrestling/ roughhouse games, hand-clapping, throwing and catching.

Lastly, Thinking and life sense. Nourishment and nurturing of health and appreciation of nature, spending time outdoors supports to refine/ develops our thinking ability. Supporting activity can be free play, unlike adult-directed or organized sports activities. To conclude, I hope this concept provides a fresher perspective to an old belief system. Keep safe and be blessed :)

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